Screen & Roll Services

An overview of the services you offer and how they will benefit the visitor.

New Fly Screens

We can build new aluminium fly screens to suit most windows. There are two sizes of frame 25x11mm or 22x9mm.These come in a range of Colourbond colours for example Black, Dune, Jasper, Hammersley Brown, Monument, Primrose, Paperbark, Pearl White, Surf mist, Stone Beige, White Birch, Woodland Grey, Anodised Bronze or Clear Anodised. Other colours can be done, but could incur a powder coating charge. You can email me the sizes of screen that you require, or we can arrange to come to you for a measure. There is also a range of insect screens that can be put into the frames, the most common being fibreglass or aluminium.

Fly Screen Remeshing

We can come to your property and re-mesh any existing screens that you have. This can be done in a range of insect screens, the most common being fibreglass or aluminium. We can also re-mesh you’re sliding or swing doors. There is a much wider range of meshes available for this (contact us about your options).

Window Rollers & Winders

If your window wont slide or glide or operate like they used to then we have a range of solutions to repair them and make them open, close and lock smoothly again. We handle sliding, casement, awning or double hung (check with us to determine what you have).

Repair sliding door rollers

Every brand of manufacture of a sliding door has a unique set of rollers that make your door slide. We carry a very large range of these rollers and carriages for replacement. Occasionally the broken roller will damage the track on which the rollers slide. We carry a range of capping tracks to re-create a smooth run for making your new rollers last as long as they can.

Repair Window & Door Locks

We carry and can access a large range of window and door locks to replace those on sliding glass or swing doors. Sometimes old or original locks are no longer available, we’ll try to offer an alternative where possible.

Pet Doors

We can supply and install the Petway range of pet doors into screen doors of all types. Unfortunately, we do not offer this service for glass doors (for this you will need a qualified glazier). The Petway doors come in small, medium and large. We carry one of each size on board so we can determine size required and are available in Black, White, Primrose, Stone Beige and Brown.


There are advantages and disadvantages to all the different mesh’s.  Fibreglass mesh is very affordable and will have a degree of flexibility that metal mesh do not. There are several grades of fibre glass mesh to suit all different needs. On windows, for example, the standard fibreglass mesh is completely adequate. In a door, with a higher trafficability, then an upgraded fibreglass mesh will last longer and flex against being pushed against. For those with fur babies then the fibreglass woven pet mesh (Polyester weave) will stop the flies and the claws at the same time.

The metal, usually aluminium, mesh’s are known to be stronger than the fibreglass, but does have the disadvantage of being easy to bend, so if it is dented, then the dent will stay visible.

All metal mesh’s are required for those who live in areas that have to have a BAL fire rating. To repel an ember attack the standard aluminium mesh has a BAL rating of 25, which is the standard for most of Canberra’s surrounding areas.

There are also several grades for metal mesh’s too. From the standard Aluminium to Stainless Steel or Tuff Screen, they go up in stability and size, but also in price.

Yes, in most cases. We can provide quotes for repairing or if required replacing your pet door.

If your fly screen frame is in reasonable condition, that is no bends or breaks in the aluminium frame, then new mesh can be installed, on-site, to get your windows back to being fly proof. If the frame is missing, bent or broken, then you will need a new frame. These come in a range of colours and can be made to size.

Yes, most fly screen can be removed for cleaning and repair. Depending on the brand and style of window will determine how they are removed. Some just simply slide in and out, some are held on by clip.

Installing fly screen depends on the brand and style of window. Aluminium sliding windows usually have channels top and bottom, plus often to the sides, that hold the screen in place. Usually, you put the top in first, then manoeuvre the bottom into place.

Double hung and awning windows usually have clips or pins to hold them in place.

No, however we have preferred partners we’d be happy to recommend to you.

Retractable screen’s do have their purposes. Such as a servery window or a front door that you don’t require security. This type of screen isn’t a product that we can assist you with at this time.

Usually, mesh can last up to 10 years or more. This is dependent on climatic conditions of where the screen is. If the screen is in the full sun, then both Fibreglass and Aluminium mesh will fade in colour. Extreme weather conditions, such as an aggressive hail storm, can shorten the life span of any mesh.

If you have a broken frame that needs replacement, then it is simply the outer measurements of the frame or corner to corner. You will also need to know the thickness of the frame. It is normally either 11mm or 9mm thick (this is important because if it’s too thick or thin then good chance it won’t go back into the window frame). Most window brands have their own way in which the screen is held in place, so if you don’t have any existing frame, it is probably best to get us to come to site and measure it up.

This will depend on the set up of your strata, but generally in apartments – yes, it is covered, in town houses, not always.

It is best to check with your body corporate of strata manger for a definite answer.

A fly screen is a metal or timber frame that attaches to an opening window or door to stop flies and insects from getting into the house.

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